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Getting the perfect loose waves

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

Styling beach, wavy hair shouldn't take too much effort. Here are my quick tips for achieving perfect loosed waves with minimal effort.

Waves in Under 5 Minutes

Size & Type of Barrel Iron

My personal favorite brand of hot tools is BaBylissPro.

A large barrel curling iron is going to achieve a looser wave. It's best to go with a large iron for hair that is long and fine-medium density. A smaller iron helps if you have course hair (I personally recommended taking larger sections to keep curls loose) or for those of you who have trouble with curls that don't last more than a few hours.

Product is a must!

Be sure to check out my salon page as well to find out what brands I use and love!

When using any heat tool, you must always use product that is made for heat-styling. Always use protection to avoid damaging your hair, especially when color-treated. A leave-in conditioner is not enough. Please view my #productrecommendations for a list of my favorite styling products.

Did I mention the importance of hair product?

Don't be afraid of the spray..

In order to keep your freshly styled hair in place, finish it up with a light-medium hairspray. Hairspray gets such a bad reputation, but when used properly, it is ultimately the most important step in keeping your luscious locks in place!

Click to view my Youtube tutorial on how I created the look pictured above in under 5 minutes!

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